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Residential     Business  
128/128K $24.95/mo.   128/128K $26.95
128/256K $26.95/mo.   128/256K $29.95
128/512K $29.95/mo.   128/512K $39.95
512/512K $35.95/mo.   512/512K $45.95


$200.00 + tax.  You own the antenna.  90 days parts and labor warranty.

Optional: We will buy your antenna back after 90 days.  Once we buy it back, you would be renting the antenna.  When you rent the antenna, we cover all parts and labor if anything goes wrong with it.  Rental fee is $12.95 a month.
One time installation fee of $85.00.  This covers mounting the antenna and mounting arm, running the cable from the antenna into the structure, installing a ground rod, ground cable and surge suppressor, configuring your email account and testing the PC.

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All prices are subject to change without notice.  All speeds listed are maximum available.  Some installations may not be capable of maximum speed due to interference from other RF sources, non line of site, and other environmental variables.

Last updated on 04-13-09

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