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Frequently asked questions:

How do I know for sure if I can get hi-speed internet from WiFi?

The best way to find out is to simply order it. When our installation technician comes to your location they check for a good connection using the equipment that will be yours. If they are not able to get a good connection, you will get a full refund.

What is broadband?

Broadband internet access usually refers to an internet connection that has speeds of 128Kb per second or faster (dial-up top speed is 56Kbps) and is usually an “always on” connection – meaning that it is always actively connected to the internet. There are several broadband technologies in use, including Fixed Wireless (this is what we use), DSL, Cable Internet, and Satellite Internet.

What is Wireless or Fixed-Wireless Internet?

This is a technology for connecting to the internet that uses low power microwave radio signals instead of wires. This technology lets us provide hi-speed service to areas where wired services (DSL & cable) are not available.

Is Wireless Internet the same as what is available at “internet cafes” or “hotspots”?

No. Those are services that allow users to connect through someone’s computer network.  For more info on this see “Is a WiFi connection secure?”

Is Wireless Internet the same as satellite internet service?

No. We use ground based antennas to send information to/from the internet. Satellite systems often require a phone line and modem connection. They are also rather expensive, satellite space doesn’t come cheap. And although the information travels fairly quickly, there is a significant delay in sending and receiving information because of the distance it must travel (satellites are around 23,500 miles up).

Is WiFi available in my area?

Click on the link below to see a map of current service areas. We are constantly working to expand our coverage. If your area is not covered, call and let us know you’d like to get our service and we’ll see what we can do.

WiFi service areas

What do I have to do to qualify for WiFi service?

In order to receive WiFi service, your location needs to receive adequate signal strength from one of our transmission antennas. Generally, if you are in a 6 mile radius circle of our antenna site you can be reasonably assured of service (see the above question for service areas). However, there are environmental issues that can effect your signal strength; for example, a large number of trees, a nearby building, or high ground between your location and our transmission antenna. The best way to determine if you can receive WiFi service is to sign up and have an installation attempted (see “How do I know for sure I can get hi-speed internet from WiFi?).”

How much does WiFi cost?

You cost will vary depending on your choice of connection speed and whether you choose to rent or own the equipment. Click on one of the links below to see a breakdown of prices.

Residential Plans

Business Plans

How long will I have to wait for installation?

Usually about a week to 10 days. A lot of people are getting WiFi service and our installers are going as quickly as they can. Unfortunately, we cannot control the weather and we cannot control how fast our equipment suppliers can fill our orders. Occasionally installations are held up due to factors beyond our control such as bad weather and getting needed parts.

We will always call and schedule your installation at a time convenient to you. When we are there, the installation will usually not take more than an hour or two. When we leave, you will have a working hi-speed connection to the internet.

What kind of equipment will I need to get WiFi service?

We will provide a customer antenna unit, the antenna power supply, and necessary cabling. All you will have to provide is a computer with a working Ethernet connection.

How big is a customer antenna?

A standard antenna is a white colored, flat panel unit that is about 18” high and wide and 4” deep. In some cases a high-powered unit is required. These are white colored, flat panel units that are about 30” high, 24” wide, and 4” deep.  Both are completely weather-proof and we will do our best to mount it where you would like it.

 Is a WiFi connection secure?

Yes. We have several technologies in use that provide security for our customers’ internet connections. We use a network management system that allows only our customers to access our network; we know who is on our system and can immediately spot anyone who tries to get on illegitimately.  Online banking and credit card transactions are usually made secure by the merchants website, using an encrypted http session (https).  Disclaimer: You use our service at your own risk.  We cannot guarantee protection from every hacker, thief, or other evil doer in the world.

Does WiFi  provide me with a firewall?

Yes and No. You will get a Network Translation Address (NAT) within our system which will “hide” your computer’s actual address from outsiders. We strongly recommend that our customers have their own firewall operating on their computer or network.  Windows XP and Vista has a firewall built in.

Does Wifi provide SPAM blocking?

Yes we do. No SPAM filtering is perfect, but we do our best and it really does help.

I need a VPN connection to work from home, can I do that with WiFi?

Sure. We can work with you and your IT administrator to set up your connection to do that.

Is the service effected by weather?

Usually not. A very heavy rain or snow shower may temporarily reduce the signal strength but only while it is directly on your signal path. Very high winds could cause your antenna to become misaligned and might a require a service call. Our equipment has lightning arrestors built in so lightning usually poses no danger to your computer or home through our equipment. If your antenna is located so that snow or ice can build up on it, your signal will be affected, but our installers will take this into account.

Do I need any special software?

No. All that is required is the TCP/IP protocol suite on your computer, which is a standard option in windows and our installer will make sure of when they are at your location.

Will I need a separate Internet Service Provider (ISP) such as AOL or MSN?

No. We provide the internet services you will need which include, the World Wide Web, email, instant messaging, chat, news groups, blogging, web hosting, etc.

 Will WiFi change my web browser (Internet Explorer, Netscape, Firefox, etc.) or homepage?

No. We provide internet access, not internet content; unlike AOL and others. You are free to go where you want, we just give you the “doorway.”

Can I keep my current email address?

If you want to. But you get 5 email addresses included with your service. Also, you will probably have to pay to keep your current address unless it is a free web-mail address; such as an,, or If you want to keep your current email address you should check with your current ISP about possible costs.

Do I need a modem to use WiFi?

No.  All you will need is an Ethernet connection. We only bring a weatherproof cable about the size of television cable into your home. Your phone line is completely freed up!

How many computers can I hook up to my WiFi connection?

Our installer will bring one connection into your home. However, you can connect this to a personal network if you wish that will let you connect several computers to the WiFi connection. Our installation does not include a home or business router; it ends at the single connection we bring in. If you would like for us to help you with a network in your home or office we would be happy to do that.

Can I have connections in more than one room?

Our installer will bring one connection into your home. Additional wiring is your responsibility and is part of building your own network. If you would like for us to help you with a network in your home or office we would be happy to do that.

Can I use WiFi service with my Mac?

Yes. Our service is compatible with all operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux, UNIX) as long as they have a TCP/IP protocol suite installed. Our installer will make sure of this when they are at your location.

My homeowners association doesn’t allow outside antennas, can I still get WiFi service?

Federal law says you can install and antenna up to 39” in diameter. Our antennas are smaller than this, so you can get WiFi service.

I rent my home or apartment, can I get WiFi service?

Since you don’t own the property and we will have to make an entry point for our wiring, we would have to have the landlord’s permission to install our equipment. We will be happy to work with you and your landlord to do so.

When the installer was at my location, they said my signal strength was not high enough, but I really want hi-speed internet. Can I get a slower speed and still connect?

Sorry, no. The speed of your connection is not determined by signal strength; you either can get it or you can’t. Since we are committed to giving excellent dependable internet service, we will not install a WiFi connection if we are not reasonable sure it will work to your (and our) satisfaction.

When the installer was at my location they said my neighbor’s trees were blocking my signal but I can get a clear path at the end of my driveway. Can you install the antenna there?

We can install your antenna anywhere within 300 feet of the place you want your inside connection. We will set up the antenna and run the wiring, but any burial of wire will be your responsibility.  If more than 300 feet of wiring is needed we can make special arrangements for that which allow the wiring to be longer.



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